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What Is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching with Jelena is where 6-figure career professionals come to take their fulfilment, purpose, satisfaction and salaries to the levels most people dream about. A tried and tested exact step by step process that focuses on your mindset, personal and professional growth, tailored to your unique needs!

Who Is Career Coaching For?

I work with senior and mid-career executives who aspire to grow and reach new levels of career fulfilment, through career progression, career transition and leadership development. Directors and senior managers, people leaders and heads of function who are prepared to take charge of their own career and create a life they desire.

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How Does My Coaching Work?

1. First – book a career assessment call with me to discover top 3 obstacles to your goal.
2. Once you have started to work with me, you will benefit from increased clarity from day one.
3. Through a very structured methodology, over a number of months, you will build clarity, self-awareness, confidence, sense of direction.
4. You will build career assets – blueprints and tools to evaluate career options, personal branding assets, and more – that will serve you for the years to come!
5. You will move towards your goal feeling empowered, supported and confident.
6. You will reach your goal, and we celebrate!

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About Me

Jelena is an award-winning Career Fulfilment and Leadership Development coach, helping conscious, aspiring professionals thrive in the careers they love. With over 25 years in international recruitment and education management, Jelena has held managerial and business development roles with P&L accountability, working with corporate clients from all over the world.
Having started her corporate career in Japan, Jelena has lived and worked in 3 countries. She is a Forbes Coaches Council contributor, speaker, and author.
Her powerful blend of personal, career and business coaching and leadership development coaching has brought transformational results to 300+ clients whether it was to progress in their career or navigate a radical career transition. Her clients are senior and mid-senior professionals looking to realise their leadership potential and at the same time, achieve fulfilment in all areas of their life. Jelena delivers Individual and group coaching, as well as workshops to global talent from Amazon, Maersk, eBay, Goldman Sachs, Schlumberger, PWC, Oxford Instruments, The Cabinet Office, and many others.
She works with individuals and organisations to create better work life outcomes for all stakeholders and is passionate about the Future of Work and D, E & I.


“Jelena is an excellent coach who assisted and guided me through my transition between organisations. One fails to understand how important a coach is in an individual’s career development.

Before I met Jelena, I didn’t spend enough on my leadership skills and personal development.

I didn’t have a mentor before Jelena acted as a coach and Mentor. I had failed to give time to develop myself. Having realised I didn’t have a plan and working with a mentor was critical, who could listen and give an unbiased opinion.

Jelena was patient and heard my concerns and issues which hindered my development. Jelena was extremely professional and sincere in her mentoring and coaching efforts, who not only identified but also helped improve my thinking process, and brought the confidence which I lacked – the results were as desired.

I would highly recommend financial professionals who stretched and challenged by time to invest in themselves to seek a mentor / coach. Jelena plays a perfect role assisting one transition this uninvested phase smoothly bringing in personal development, leadership, confidence and growth.”

Govind Shanbogue

M&A, Private Equity, Strategy, Corporate Development

“Jelena is an amazing coach and public speaker! I’ve been to a number of her workshops, where she imparts solid practical tips on career development. I’ve come to know her better through structured coaching over 8 months, and during this time (and beyond), she supported me through incredibly empowering and positive sessions. Her style centers on open-ended targeted questions as well as guided practical exercises. This has led to quite interesting ways of thinking, and ultimately, deeper self-awareness, alignment and synergy across all areas of life.”

Delger Borjigon Enkhbayar

Applied Science at Microsoft

“I had recently finished postgraduate studies and in the middle of a career pivot (into sustainability, my passion), when someone gifted me sessions with Jelena, saying this experience would be “life-changing”—truer words have never been spoken! Jelena takes you through a journey of self-discovery that invites you to reflect on your values and how you craft your own sense of success and fulfillment. She creates a safe space to reprocess past experiences and explore what drives you to lead an aligned life. Her approach is holistic, combining career-oriented work with personal reflection and growth. It is hard to put into words the profound impact Jelena’s coaching had on my life, but she helped me shed a lot of things that no longer served me. She gave me tools to set boundaries (something I particularly struggled with) and how to advocate for myself. Besides being an outstanding professional in this space, her personality really shines through: charming, empathetic, and overall a joy to spend time with. On top of that, she was so understanding and accommodating, the London-Sydney time difference is a challenge! I honestly cannot recommend Jelena highly enough!”

Nicole Jullian Sahr

Sustainability Specialist

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