Individual Coaching

1-to-1 Career Coaching


Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, and Aspiring Mid-Career Professionals


Overcome lack of clarity, confusion, lack of career progression, uncertainty about career transition, limiting beliefs, career misalignment, confidence issues, too many choices or too little choice, leadership upgrade, lack of personal brand, interview and presentation skills


Ultimate Career Transformation, my flagship 1-2-1 coaching program that has transformed careers of hundreds of clients


Identify, reach and retain careers in which you thrive. Achieve both fulfilment and success in your career.


Coaching is for those who are prepared to take charge of their own work life and become fully accountable. Only total commitment and dedication will ensure that you achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the coaching process.



The Ultimate Career Transformation for Mindful Fulfilment Seekers is not just about career coaching. It is about your entire life, your mindset, about WHO you want to be, WHAT you stand for and not just about WHAT you want to do. It is about the transformation that is possible only through deeper work, consistency, courage, perseverance and accountability.

Are you open-minded, eager to learn more, to master your life and to reach new levels of
self-awareness and fulfilment? Curious about using not only cutting-edge coaching
techniques but also tapping into a variety of other approaches that I bring based on 25 years of both business development and spiritual development? To be truly whole, fulfilled and successful, we need to work on both the material and the spiritual plane.

Excellence is not an isolated phenomenon; it is a way of being. It is about how we develop ourselves in all aspects of our life.


I consider my method to be INSIDE-OUT….You need to be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, values, motivators, passions, affinities as well as your limiting beliefs in order to gain clarity, which in turn helps set direction; only then do we turn to implementation and creation.

These are the 4 KEY STEPS:

1) Unwrapping your gifts (Clarity, Courage, Confidence)

2) Exploring options and paths (Direction, Focus)

3) Step-by-step implementation (Plan and Accountability for action taking)

4) Packaging your gifts (Personal Brand Delivery and Presentation)


  • Newly gained clarity and confidence
  • Career Strategy Plan & Execution
  • Financial milestones reached
  • Quality of network improved
  • End to end support
  • Career Fulfilment
  • Improved professional and personal relationships
  • Lasting mindset change and life outlook


11 individual sessions over 5 months consisting of:

  • 1 Deep dive session of 90 minutes
and 10 sessions of 60 minutes
  • Notes after sessions with homework to be completed
  • Review of all your homework & support in between sessions by email
  • Result Guarantee – If you don’t achieve most of the goals we agreed at the start, we will re-assess, and I will continue to work with you beyond the 5 months to help you achieve them


  • Access to all my tools, worksheets and exercises
  • Access to my recommended reading list
  • Access to my recommended guided meditations
  • Access to my Career Fitness progression tracker
  • Access to all my videos and private webinar recordings
  • Access to my network where relevant
Do you want a highly tailored, impactful program, working with me as your trusted advisor, career guide and coach, for over 6 + months? If yes, then watch the video below!

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