Jelena Radonjic

Career Fulfillment and Leadership Development Coach

Hi, I’m Jelena! I am an award-winning Career Fulfilment and Leadership Development coach, helping conscious, aspiring professionals thrive in the careers they love.

About Jelena

Award-Winning Career Fulfilment Coach| Leadership Development Coach | Forbes Coaches Council contributor| Author| Speaker

🌟 I facilitate work life transformation of purpose driven senior professionals in career transitions 💫

⭐ ️ My corporate career was forged through a baptism of fire in a Japanese corporation in Tokyo, then London.

⭐️I’ve worked with global companies in international recruitment for 25+ years, developing multicultural sensitivity, commercial acumen and business building skills, serving clients from all corners of the globe.

⭐️I blend and combine Eastern and Western philosophies, business practices and spirituality, offering my clients who come from all over Europe and the UK, US, Australia, India, Singapore, China, Japan and many other countries, life changing transformative career coaching.

⭐ ️If you care about becoming the best version of yourself, growing personally and professionally, with purpose, – then I have what you need!

My Values & Beliefs


Coaching facilitates insights, but I take it further, I make you accountable to apply the learnings from each session. It’s both empowering and challenging. But that’s how you grow!


This is my mantra so to speak. What does it mean? You can learn by yourself, from books, online, etc., but accessing inner wisdom, the best version of yourself – often requires facilitation. That’s what I help you unlock!


Having worked with thousands of people, including clients in my corporate career, and having coached more than 300+ professionals worldwide to career success, I have seen it time and again – mindset trumps all else. Many recent studies prove just that!


This is the summary of my process in a nutshell. You will be informed, inspired and you will take action, all that will result in a transformation – inner and outer – which will give you the results that have been escaping you!

My Approach

A broad holistic approach is coupled with very specific career coaching and guidance, underpinned by strong commercial awareness and understanding of the world of work. That’s why you get the desired results!

How am I different from other coaches?
When it comes to career coaching, many coaches who offer it are great life coaches. However, do they have the expertise I gained working in international recruitment and MBA /EMBA career space, for more than 25 years? There are career coaches with a background in recruitment or HR, however do they have the decades of personal development and transformational work on top of the coaching qualifications that I have? To see a selection of my qualifications and extensive training visit my LinkedIn profile.
In addition, I bring a wealth of commercial experience gained around the world, including building and managing companies, into my coaching. In short, you can rest assured that we will work on all aspects – physical (well-being and good habits), mental (mindset), emotional (emotional intelligence, communication & relationships, leadership), spiritual (worldview and consciousness) + business/career alignment and self-actualization. This is applicable whether you are going for career progression, career transition or leadership development, or both.

Coaching with WhatWork is for those who are prepared to take charge of their career and life and become fully accountable. Only total commitment and dedication from YOU will ensure that you achieve the goals set out at the beginning of the coaching process. I am here for you to listen, ask, guide, challenge and support you in an equal measure and to celebrate your success!

I work in a confidential, supportive and empathetic way, whilst also challenging my clients to identify, dissolve and overcome blocks, resistance and confusion on the way.

During the coaching process you will be able to build or rediscover self confidence and enthusiasm, simply because you will identify and connect with what truly matters to you, and with my assistance, find a way to achieve it.

To understand my approach, why not download the

“10 Questions for Ultimate Career Clarity Guide?”