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Office, What Office? How Our Concept Of Work Is Changing
Most of us have become well-versed in the ways of new work with Zoom routines in our neat home offices. While we are far from post-pandemic times, we are gradually stepping back into office spaces and the question is not only how much has the office changed but how much have we changed?

Has The Future Of Work Arrived?
There is a lot of talk about remote working these days, and indeed, it is a big topic. The pandemic has changed the way we work, have meetings and make decisions, as well as how we communicate and create connections with colleagues and clients.

Tackling The Gender Pay Gap: How To Create Inside-Out Change
On average, American women earn only 82% of what men earn. If men stopped working on November 14 each year, they would earn the same amount as women, who have to work till the end of the year.

Four lessons from traditional Japanese wisdom that can help us through the pandemic crisis
The very awareness of the impermanence of things, people and life itself leads us to appreciate them fully, NOW. Yet, the longing to cling to a moment, a person, or a thing, is part of human nature and inevitably

Jobs And Economic Recovery After The Pandemic: Who’s Responsible?
For the past one and a half years, the global economy, like every other facet of human experience, has been largely governed by Covid-19. As we are navigating our lives and trying to rebuild, we are asking ourselves, How will we recover, and who is responsible for the recovery?

Why We Need To Update Our Perception Of ‘Career’
In times like this, we often find ourselves catching our breath, reflecting, reconsidering. It is no surprise that historic moments — like a pandemic — prompt this sort of behavior, both on a collective and on a personal level.

Purpose – Why Now?
When events of seismic proportions, like the pandemic and the resulting lockdown, occur, they shake us up to the core – as individuals, as human beings, and as professionals, but also all the institutions and ways they operate, leading to significant shifts in society.

The Importance of Mental Hygiene
Consider how many images of war, killing, violence, medical emergencies, crime, etc., you see in a week. Have you considered what this does not only to your mood and well-being but also to your thinking patterns, decision making and mental energy as a whole?

How to Deal with Rejection in Career and Life
We’ve all had to bite the rejection bullet in our lives, but that does not make rejection easier to deal with. It hurts. And it hurts because it’s keeping us from something we’ve wanted to do or to have, whether that’s our career or our personal lives.

Energy is the Key to Conscious Career Decisions
You may be wondering: “What does energy have to do with careers and work?” As with any area of our life, our work and the choices we make are very much influenced by our state of being and our predominent energy at the time.

Reskilling And Upskilling: Why, When And How?
Does the creeping feeling of being stuck in a job seem familiar? We have all been stuck in our homes and this can highlight another feeling of being stuck. Generally, we are stuck when we are not progressing in our careers, in life, etc. Progress, however, is highly personal, gradual but not linear and often interrupted by “life.

A healthy work culture is based on transparency, curiosity, innovation, & growth
In her interview with Authority Magazine, Jelena shares what healthy company culture is like, what role spirituality and mindfulness play in personal and organisational growth, as well as her personal story.

How to Tackle Life and Work as a Highly Sensitive Person
Are you feeling like work drains you? You find it hard to unwind your buzzing mind?

How can you assess your Career Fitness?
What you give your energy and attention to grows. What you neglect deteriorates and eventually catches up with you. It is like that with your physical and mental health, but also with other aspects of your life.

How to network effortlessly and adopt a winning mindset
The more you know yourself, what you stand for, your values and skillset, and importantly how you can add value to others — the easier it will be to network!

Dos and Don’ts in UK Campus Recruiting: A student perspective
The more you know yourself, what you stand for, your values and skillset, and importantly how you can add value to others — the easier it will be to network!