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Podcast Interview with Ana Brzakovic

For those in my audience who speak/ understand Serbian language – in this great episode of Ana’s podcast, I talk about how I developed my career, what I learned on the way and my best tips for well-being at work, fulfillment and work happiness. Ana Brzakovic is a wonderful, talented young lady with a background in marketing and communications, running her own podcast “Kako si na poslu” – translated as “How are you at work?” and this podcast is a regular feature on Business Telegraph, one of the most popular business portals in Serbia. I can honestly say that Ana’s podcast is exactly the sort of podcast I have always dreamed of starting myself, the range of career and work-related themes, and fantastic guests she brings on board are awesome!

How To Find Your Purpose
Jeremy and I talked about how we, as human species, have a need for meaning and purpose and how we can find purpose through work. The sense of purpose is normally linked to values and what matters to us. I also explored the IKIGAI coaching model and Career values.

Podcast Interview with Michael “Fritz” Fritzius: Spending 90,000 hours being unhappy

In this episode we discuss entrepreneurship, reasons to start your business, what we are doing in lockdown and my passion to help as many people as possible reach the elusive sense of career fulfilment.

Secrets to Doing What You Love
In the world of applying online, many people follow a process, and as such, their application looks like everyone else’s. Jelena shows us how to develop a narrative based on experience, achievements, competencies and skills.

The hidden benefits of career shifts


– The hidden benefits of career shifts
– How to make the most of your skills
– Never neglect clear communication

Career Fulfillment
I really like to know about my clients, what drives them, what motivates them, what their limiting beliefs are.

Identify, Reach & Retain A Career You Love
On this edition of My Future Business Show Rick Nuskespends time with award-winning Career and Leadership Development Coach Jelena Radonjic, talking about how she helps professionals identify, reach and retain careers they love through her business “What Work”.

How Building Strong Networks Helps Your Career
Three major challenges I found in Japan was that I was a woman, I was foreign and I was young. I jokingly said these were the 3 handicaps you could have in a career

Control your financial future, career and business
Purpose To Abundance – Control Your Financial Future, Career & Business


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