“Nina” decided to leave her career of 20 years in investment banking. And not just any career. Being an MD for a global renowned investment bank is not a small feat.

However, she’s had enough. To such an extent, that despite my advice to wait a little longer until we figure out the next steps, she just resigned.

So, she found herself working through her notice period, though that soon became just a notion.

As she had built her reputation and name in the industry, people started to reach out and offer her help, contacts, referrals, and roles in similar organisations in the same industry…

Not a bad situation to be in – you’d think? Spoilt for choice!

But things are not always what they seem. I am sure you know that. When you are burnt out, stressed out, and in ‘survival mode’ you come into the game from the position of fear and apprehension.

Working habitually 12+ hours a day, having to navigate a political minefield, assert herself, lead a team, manage big projects, and shoulder massive accountabilities…keep the stakeholders and clients happy…and the list goes on. Also, you may suffer from a lack of clarity and lack of passion for everything – because of the impending burnout.

So, we worked on Nina’s mindset, first and foremost. Getting that clarity and confidence back on track, a spring back into her step, and sleep back into her nights. And then…

And then she was ready to admit – she really didn’t want to work again for a large organisation. She wanted to create visible impact first hand. Yet, she believed that:

1)    Start-ups and scale ups are too risky – no stability

2)    She could never be paid as well as she used to be in the investment bank

So, what happened next?

We will come back to what happened next with my client shortly.

However, does this sound familiar?

If you’re in a similar position, you’re probably worried you will stay stuck in your current (dead-end) role forever or be out of work for so long that no one will want to employ you! And you will run out of money and savings, etc. etc. You’d be surprised to learn that high-flying, successful professionals can have these doubts, fears, and self-sabotaging impulses, just like everyone else!

And I know how it feels – desperation creeps in and everything seems out of reach…

I know, because I have helped hundreds of professionals like you get rid of that dreaded feeling – an impenetrable stone wall in front of you, no light at the end of the tunnel in sight!

Maybe you worry at night and cannot sleep well, like some of my clients, before they started to work with me.

Maybe you are wondering if it’s possible to get out of that rut and at the same time you are dreaming of that feeling of being energised and motivated at work – again!

You know how it feels because you have experienced it before!

And that’s what hurts – knowing that in the past, things were working out for you, your energy was abundant, you were doing so well, and you were supported and rewarded.

You had a sense of achievement and creating impact, which is what you are all about! You went from strength to strength and flourished…

Oh, but sadly, not anymore… 😞

You know, deep down, that  you can soar again, just somehow, it is not happening just yet.

You want to spread your wings again, instead of feeling like they’ve been clipped.

You want to shine again because you know you can.

Maybe you just forgot how to or started to doubt yourself.

You are probably just surviving, instead of thriving.


Just think about it! Growth is expansion, whereas fear keeps you contracted and boxed in.

So, you don’t quite know what to do about this. You may have tried a few things, but nothing is working!

Isn’t it about time to change this?

(Sure, it is…)

Are you tired of the same story yet?

(I’m sure you are…)

If the answer is – YES, how about you try these 5 steps to start untying the Gordian knot:

  1. Look into the situations in your life that are repeating themselves to get clues about your self-sabotaging beliefs and gain more awareness about what you need to change
  2. Ponder what gives you most fulfilment in your work and what you don’t want to compromise on and honour those values when choosing your next role and environment
  3. Keep your focus on the opportunities that best algin with who you are and what you truly want – not what someone else may want for you
  4. Use coaching tools, listen to podcasts and follow thought leaders in the careers field to restore your confidence and build your career transition approach
  5. Revamp your personal branding assets, aim to offer value in your interviews and networking conversations, go for the best fit roles and remember to cultivate your winning mindset!

In short – Ask yourself – Would I hire myself? 😁

Be THAT PERSON  that others want to hire! 🙌

Remember my client at the beginning of this post?

When she applied these principles, she was able to:

  1. Bust the two limiting beliefs – that the risk was too high and that she would not be paid well
  2. Decline various propositions that were put out to her, because no matter how lucrative, they didn’t align with her authentic desires and needs
  3. Focus on interviewing ONLY for the best fit roles and let go of suboptimal options
  4. Restore her confidence and self-belief and land a fantastic role with a fast growth scale-up as a CFO
  5. Almost 4 years on, she is still there and thriving. Oh yes, and did I mention she was able to negotiate a multi-6 figure salary plus equity release over time?


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