To be honest, I had my reservations when I was first offered coaching on a trial basis. I did not take it! I thought, well, I am already doing so many things, reading books, working with inspiring teachers, attending seminars…Little did I know!

Fast forward two and a half years….I am a Career Coach, who has now completed the CTI Co-Active Coaching course and has already helped around a hundred people with:

  • Greater confidence and clarity
  • Career transition or finding a new job
  • Promotion and pay rise
  • Interview skills and entire selection process
  • LinkedIn profile and personal branding/positioning
  • Direction, focus and longer-term planning of career and life
  • Clearing emotional baggage, mental blocks and procrastination
  • Relationship with self and others
  • Identifying elements of their persona that hold them back or push them forward – towards success

To name just a few….

So what’s it all about? It is about realising that you are the only person who cannot see yourself from another’s perspective. A coach can! The coach is your mirror, your sounding board…An excellent coach will engage intuition and all senses to objectively assess your needs and situation and guide you to find the solutions within yourself.

Many feel that if they seek help or guidance, they are somehow ‘less than’. The fear of being seen and judged stops many people from utilising available resources, whether via coaching or other methodologies. The thing is, a Co-Active coach firmly believes that all ‘people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole’ and leads the client based on this premise, as well as trust, absolute confidentiality and accountability.

It is not that people need coaching per se, they definitely don’t need ‘fixing’. It is reaching certain goals and achieving success, that we all crave for, that can be facilitated greatly through a coaching process. Of course, the inner transformation will occur – as we all know – ‘to have what you have never had before, you need to do the things you have never done before’….

It takes a certain level of courage to take the first step – which is often an honest conversation with yourself. Often pain is a powerful action generator! When the pain of staying the same (or in the same situation) becomes greater than the fear of change….it’s action time! So if you feel that you are trapped in a box of an unrewarding job, or that difficult relationship (at work or elsewhere) is a like a sharp pebble in your shoe which hurts every time you take a step, if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, or you are burning your candle at both ends….the time is NOW to look it in the eye and draw up an action plan!

How do you want to spend your life, the one and only you have?

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