Clear goal

It is about two years ago that I started working with my first paying client, offering career coaching services…And has it been a journey! I enjoyed every moment – the hard work, the realisations, the frustrations…I have since coached hundreds of clients helping them achieve career clarity, (re)gain confidence, develop their career narratives, ace interviews, transition into different careers, get jobs they wanted. Even if they did not stay with me for a long time, they had immediate shifts, breakthroughs and have moved on closer to their goals. Some of them achieved so much in just 5-6 sessions – such as change jobs and choose advanced professional qualifications to set them on a new career path; some moved into becoming business owners and some got their dream jobs at the start of their careers.

Do you love what you do? Anything less – you are settling for. Get in touch to discuss your career aspirations and goals! The World Cup ends in two weeks, but your career goals are there waiting for you to be explored and acted upon! If you want to SCORE big, message me here or email me Je****@wh******.uk

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