Martin Ruegner Close-Up of Ladybug

Recently I’ve been more on the tube than usual, as I mostly work from home, but go to the City for meetings and some client sessions. Apart from the heat and the rumbling noise of Northern Line trains that makes us cover our ears (and disrupts my Audible stream) I also noticed some other things:

A beautiful Nigerian lady with two boys, sitting opposite me. They all had mustard yellow tops, gorgeous eyes and dazzling smiles. Except they were not smiling, they were really tired, going back home from, probably a long day out. The boys were restless, especially the older one who was so cranky. I could recognise it in his eyes – ‘I’m so tired I’m beside myself, it’s way past my bedtime, these neon lights on the tube are hurting my eyes, I just want to sleep – scream!’ I shot him some smiles and my heart melted. Eventually he dozed off, his little beautifully shaped head lolling to the side. The younger one’s head was on his mum’s lap. She closed her weary eyes too. In the most unlikely place, this was a blissful scene of serenity, undisturbed innocence.

A ladybird on someone’s black jeans. More specifically on the side of his thigh. I was climbing up the escalator, as I do, passing all those standing on the right-hand side. And then I spotted her. Dark red with black dots. Like a tiny brooch or a bead. She was minding her own business. She was real. The man was unaware.

A homeless girl, going from carriage to carriage reciting her plea. This one was loud and declamatory. Her face reflected pain. Yet she went away before she could fully finish her speech, almost like she was reciting it under duress. It felt like she was possessed by an unpleasant force. Being on autopilot, not knowing who’s in the control room. 

I didn’t feel sorry for her. Just curious. My heart reached out to hers, as she was slipping away.

An elderly, like really elderly couple, holding hands. Cherishing their beautiful wisdom. Nothing to add to this.

What are you choosing to notice today? 

This article was originally published on LinkedIn

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