For hire sign
For hire sign

Sometime last year I looked at my LinkedIn profile and realised that I have only got the job once in my lifetime via an application process! 

That was a revelation! 

This does not mean that I am terrible at applying, it means that (without knowing it) I was tapping into the ‘hidden job market’ and using my network. 

My first corporate job, in Tokyo, came via a recommendation from my University Professor. Of course, I did go through a rigorous selection process. But the fact that I was recommended, travelled to London for interviews, etc. already gave me a huge springboard. 

Next, after working for the same Japanese company for 10 years, 6 of which I ran their operations in London, I was headhunted by a former client. After that, I landed the job for which I had actually applied for – at the London University Career Service. After two years, I was headhunted by – drumroll…!! – a former competitor! They had simply kept an eye on what I was doing and when the time was right, they got in touch. 

Can you believe that this was before LinkedIn and Facebook existed?? 

Finally, my last full-time job happened like this… 

I met the MD and one of the managers in a business meeting about collaboration (I was still with the small company that used to be my competitor, but I wasn’t there long). I liked this other company and what they were doing so, I dropped an email to the MD I had met in that business meeting. He liked my background and after 6 interviews with various department heads – I was offered a job running their International Events department. 

They wanted to hire me, so they found a position for me! 

I later moved to another business unit running selections for top business schools and also working with international recruiters with the diversity agenda – we are talking 2005 here! 

So, why I am writing all this? 

To show you that job-hunting is not only about sending applications online. It is also about building your credibility, your network and not being afraid to express interest – if you are interested! 

You will learn that and MUCH MORE in my Career Transitions Made Easy Group Programme and my one-to-one Career Transition and Career Development Programmes. If you are considering any kind of career change and career development, you will want to join and profit beyond all expectations! 

I hope to see you soon and share this exciting journey with you! Please comment below, share your thoughts, questions, or just message me!

This article was originally published on LinkedIn