I am delighted to be featured as number 17 of the 2022 Top 50 blogs from Career Coaches curated by FeedSpot. In addition to writing articles for magazines, I invest time into my own blog and newsletter to provide portion-sized insights into career coaching and leadership development.

As a coach it is important to me to not simply share knowledge, strategies, and useful tips in individual sessions, but provide some more general takes on career-related topics for the public. The good thing is that the internet makes knowledge accessible to many people. However, it is essential to be critical within a flood of information online. And it can often prove overwhelming to filter through masses of tips and takes, or perhaps sometimes hard to find the very specific thing you’re after. Therefore, lists like the FeedSpot Top 50 Career Blogs help funnel information into accessible pointers into different directions.

People looking for career advice may come from varying backgrounds, equipped with varying experiences, and looking for guidance about specific industries, or their unique position in the job market. We may use a different approach for an early career professional than for someone in their mid-fifties looking to change industries. Therefore, a lot of career coaches are specialised in specific areas, or their approaches are guided by different stances and techniques inspired by their own experiences. If you’re looking for advice, it is important it comes from someone whose approach matches your values. Such lists therefore prove helpful in signposting and summarising.

Personally, my approach is very much guided by insights I have gained from working in the corporate world. In addition, from working in Japan, and with clients from all corners of the world, I have developed a global outlook and a coaching style that also employs cross-cultural competence. I also rely on decades of personal development and spiritual work. These approaches might tick all the boxes for some clients, while others prefer approaches from a different angle, so these lists help provide a good overview.

FeedSpot especially, is known for having curated similar lists for niche subjects or areas of expertise, which are especially useful if none of the sites you uncovered in your own research matches exactly what you’re looking for. When compiling these lists FeedSpot take into account expertise, authority, influence, and trustworthiness. The also consider relevance and freshness (i.e. frequency of publishing), as well as traffic and engagement. It is worth pointing out that they also remove inactive blogs or those no longer available, so that their lists don’t lead you to dead ends.

In summary, I can only encourage people to make use of the resources available online, like the FeedSpot Top 50 Career Coach Blogs, to point them in the right direction. I applaud all the other fabulous blogs and career coaches I am honoured to be listed amongst.

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